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Gobierno de Navarra

Plenary talks

Lyle Campbell

University of Hawaii


Lyle Campbell (PhD UCLA) is a linguist, Linguistics Department, University of Hawai‘i Manoa (emeritus). He has held joint appointments in Linguistics, Anthropology, Behavioral Research, Latin American Studies, and Spanish; he has been visiting professor at universities in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Finland, Germany, Mexico, and Spain, and was professor of Linguistics in New Zealand for 10 years. He has published 22 books and c.200 articles, and is on 18 editorial boards. He won the LSA’s “Leonard Bloomfield Book Award” twice, for American Indian Languages (1997, Oxford University Press) and Historical Syntax in Cross-linguistics Perspective (1995, Alice Harris & Lyle Campbell, Cambridge University Press).  He has had numerous other grants and awards, including NSF (14 grants); NEH; Humboldt Stiftung; Fulbright Fellowship; Fellow of the Linguistic Society of America; Collitz Professorship (LSA Linguistic Institute); University of Canterbury Research Medal, University of Utah Presidential Professorship, etc. He was a founder and director of the Catalogue of Endangered Languages (2009-2016) ( His specializations are: historical linguistics, language documentation and endangered languages, American Indian languages (indigenous languages of the Americas), typology, and Uralic. He grew up in rural Oregon, USA.

Lola Pons

University of Seville


Lola Pons is Associate Professor of the University of Sevilla (Department of Spanish Language, Linguistics and Theory of Literature) and has held teaching posts in Dialectology and History of Spanish at the universities of Tubinga and Oxford. Founder in 2011 of HISTORIA15, a group dedicated to the history of the Spanish language, linguistic change, with particular focus on the phenomena of syntax and elaboration of discourse in the 15th century. She published the book Virtuosas e claras mugeres (1446) by Álvaro de Luna, the result of her doctoral thesis, directed by Manuel Ariza Viguera. She is author of the books La lengua de ayer. Manual práctico de historia del español; El paisaje lingüístico de Sevilla. Lenguas y variedades en el escenario urbano hispalense and Una lengua muy larga. Cien historias curiosas sobre el español. Her latest book is volume X of the collection Textos para la historia del español. The work, co-authored by Álvaro Octavio de Toledo, is a linguistic study of the epistolary documentation of the Spanish War of Independence. She has also coordinated the works entitled Historia de la lengua y crítica textual and Así se van las lenguas variando. Since 2005, she has been organising the International Conference on the History of the Language and the Publishing of Texts, held in Sevilla.

Joaquín Gorrochategui

University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU)


Joaquín Gorrochategui holds PhD in Classical Philology (University of Salamanca). He is full professor in Indo-European Linguistics at the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU). He has been visiting scholar at the Aberystwyth University (Wales), Ausonius Institute (Bordeaux) and University of Rome Tor Vergata, as well as invited professor at ÉPHE (Paris). His research focuses on the understanding of the linguistic situation of Western Europe in the Antiquity, combining primary linguistic data and historical data. The book Onomástica indígena de Aquitania (1984) and other papers devoted to ancient Aquitanian and Old Vasconic materials are especially important. He has published numerous papers on epigraphy and pre-Roman languages of Hispania, e.g. Celtiberian and Lusitanian, interpretation of inscriptions, linguistic areas and phenomena of language contact in the Antiquity. He has edited around 20 books and authored about 120 articles or book chapters. He has also been Principal Investigator in 12 state-funded projects and has participated in many international ones. Moreover, he coordinates the project of Banco de Datos “Hesperia” de Lenguas y Epigrafías paleohispánicas ( He was editor of the journal Veleia (1985-2012) and he is member of editorial boards of various journals, among others of FLV. He is also corresponding academician of Euskaltzaindia (The Royal Academy of the Basque Language) and of Real Academia Española.