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Gobierno de Navarra

Workshop 1: New paths in (Basque) Philology


Blanca Urgell (UPV/EHU)


Basque Philology —understanding "Philology" as the speciality which deals with discovering, studying, verifying and interpreting texts— has made spectacular progress in the last 50 years. Taking notice of the methods and knowledge which have yielded results in other European languages has always lain at the root of such progress. With a broad audience in mind, in this workshop we wish to present those aspects of philological work which over these years have been most productive or now promise to be so in the study of the fontes linguae vasconum (material bibliography, the history of spelling, historical dialectology, history of the language “from below”, etc.). We will, therefore, welcome papers produced from the perspective of the Basque language, but also research addressing the relationships between the Basque language and its neighbouring Romance languages, and papers which present novel approaches to treating the corpus.

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