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Gobierno de Navarra

Workshop 2: Studies of Basque Literature in the 21st century: diagnosis and challenges

Title of the workshop

Studies of Basque Literature in the 21st century: diagnosis and challenges


Mari Jose Olaziregi (UPV/EHU)


The main aim of this workshop is to reflect on the present state of research on Basque literature and discuss future challenges. To that end, we will work on several fields of literature studies, such as the historiography of literature, literary criticism, translation studies, gender studies and memory studies. Apart from the methodology and theoretical paradigms, we will also consider the typology of analysed works and their influence in the Basque Country and abroad. As regards the historiography of Basque literature, we will mention the discussions which arose in the philological and postnational paradigms or shortcomings attributed to the modern Basque historiography (for instance, the predominance of contemporary literature from the 20th century). Moreover, we would also like to talk about the necessities brought by the consolidation of Basque gender studies, and consider the place they have or should have in university programmes and research. In translation studies, we will focus on university programmes and topics that have been studied, and we will propose strategies which are to be followed to consolidate the field. Finally, we will also analyse the reception of memory studies in the Basque Country, and reflect on which place they should occupy by examining their links with the needs and requests of the society. All in all, after analysing the particularities of the institutionalisation of the Basque literature, we will discuss its strengths and weaknesses.

The workshop will be open for anyone working on or insterested in the study of Basque literature.

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