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Gobierno de Navarra

Workshop 3: Names and languages. Onomastics, a device for a better understanding of our linguistic past


Patxi Salaberri Zaratiegi (UPNA/NUP)


Using the data and resources which onomastics provides us with is not only appropriate, but also indispensable for a better understanding of the languages that have been spoken in the Basque Country. This is particularly the case with Basque: even though more and more texts written in Basque have been discovered during the last years, we still do not fully grasp its history and evolution. In this task, diachronic analysis of place names, oikonyms, first names, family names, nicknames and others can contribute to clarifying certain aspects that remain largely obscure to this day.

Within this area, it is particularly interesting to investigate how «onyms» have been used and how they have changed in neighbouring languages, as well as to study the evolution of names with one and the same origin.

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