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Gobierno de Navarra

Workshop 7: The Basque language in typological perspective


Iván Igartua (UPV/EHU)


The development of language typology in recent decades is reflected in modern linguistics, both in functional and formal linguistics, and in both diachronic and synchronic perspectives. Typology has, at the same time, enriched and refined our knowledge of languages, and it has been based on the advantages offered by empirical methods. Studies of the Basque language —especially in the last years— have taken into account the contributions of typology and this has led to progress (in phonology, grammar and lexicon). Through comparison with relevant phenomena in other linguistic systems, typology has helped to explain some apparent peculiarities and several poorly understood features of Basque.

In this workshop we will welcome proposals exploring any feature of Basque from a typological perspective, that is to say, based on cross-linguistic comparison.

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