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Gobierno de Navarra

Workshop 8: Theory of grammar for Basque (and vice versa)


Aritz Irurtzun (IKER UMR 5478-CNRS)


The aim of this workshop is to study the morpho-syntactic and semantic characteristics of Basque, focusing on mutual contributions of theoretical linguistics and research on Basque.

It is well known that significant advances have been made in the grammatical study of the Basque language since Koldo Mitxelena announced the birth of the new linguistics in 1968: many aspects of Basque grammar are now known in international linguistics, such as the structure of relative clauses, word order and information structure, the case agreement system, the structure of determiners, evidentials, the syntax of negation and the syntax-prosody interface.

Thus, advances in theoretical linguistic have brought unparalleled tools and questions for the study of the characteristics of Basque and, conversely, the study of the Basque has made a remarkable contribution to general linguistics. Proof of this is that study of different characteristics of Basque has been crucial to advance in and solve many problems in general linguistics (e.g. the case theory or the nature of A’ movements). In this workshop, we would like to further explore such questions to determine what the general theory of grammar has to offer to Basque, and vice versa, what Basque has to offer to the theory of grammar. 

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