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Gobierno de Navarra

2. The oldest texts

Compared to neighbouring languages, the Basque written records are not very old. We can barely find longer texts before the 16th century. For that reason, medieval documents are very scarce and very valuable for scholars.

This section contains a selection of original medieval documents.



Letters between Martín de San Martín and Matxin de Zalba (15th century)
(AGN. Comptos. Registro 339, fol. 109)




The list of documents on exhibit in this section:

The small Pater noster before 1425 Catedral de Pamplona, ACP, Códice 7
The cartulary of Leyre 11th c. AGN, CODICES_D-1, fol. 269
Zalba’s and San Martin’s letters 1416 AGN, COMPTOS_REG. 339, fol. 109
-eric vere gogoan text fragment ca. 1294 AGN, COMPTOS_DOCS, caj. 31-1, fol. 11v
Code of laws of the Kingdom of Navarre Copy from 14th c. AGN, CODICES_A-3, fol. 94v