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Gobierno de Navarra

4. Especially rich and interesting Basque

All texts do not provide the same information for a researcher interested in the features of older Basque. Some texts give very little new or unknown data about the lexicon, structures, verbs etc. Other, however, despite being very short, provide valuable material.

This section shows a selection of documents which for some reason are especially rich and interesting.


The translation of the New Testament by Joanes Leizarraga (1571)
(BGN. TB-Lei)




List of documents on exhibit in this section:

Judicial process from San Vicente (lower Urraul) 1578 AGN, CONSEJO_REAL, N.11330, fols. 205v-206
Judicial process from Larrasoaña (Esteribar) 1579 AGN, CONSEJO_REAL, N.87969, fol. 54
Judicial process from  Orokieta (Basaburua) 1578 AGN, CONSEJO REAL, fol. 33
Joanes Leizarraga's Testamentu Berria 1571 BGN, TB-Lei
Guero by Pedro Aguerre “Axular” 1643 Biblioteca Central de Capuchinos, BCC, 1198-2-25