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Gobierno de Navarra

6. Reflection on the language

The interest and research about the Basque language goes back a long way, but flourished especially in the 19th century. Ideological and scientific tendencies of the moment influenced general linguistics, and, by consequence, also Basque linguistics.

Documents in this section are old dissertations about Basque and its grammars. 



Analytical and grammatical chart of the Basque language by Belsunce (19th c.)






List of documents on exhibit in this section:

Larramendi’s Diccionario Trilingüe 1745 BGN, FAG/123
Analytical and grammatical chart of the Basque language (Belsunce) ca. 1858 AGN, AP_BONAPARTE, N.6
Vocabulary and remarks on the Roncalese dialect (L. L. Bonaparte) 19th c. AGN, AP_BONAPARTE, N.114
Van Eys’ Le verbe auxiliaire basque  1874 AGN, FBH/1248(2)
Arturo Campion’s Gramática de los cuatro dialectos literarios  1884-1886 AGN, FBH/1160