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Gobierno de Navarra

Abstract submission

If you want to submit an abstract to participate in one of the workshops, please fill in this form. Below you will find instructions on how to do it.

  • Starred fields are obligatory. The form cannot be submitted if these fields are not filled in.
  • If the abstract has more than one author, you can list all the names in the "full name" field (for example, "Author 1, Author, ..."). The same applies to the affiliation field. The remaining information (address...) for all authors can be completed after the proposal is accepted.
  • Please indicate your research institution in the “Affiliation” field. If you are not associated with any institution, put “independent researcher”.
  • Abstracts might be submitted in Basque, Spanish, English or French.
  • The text field has basic text formatting tools. If you prefer, you can copy and paste the text from a document (Word, Open Office...)
  • Abstracts might not exceed 400 words, including references. The text field has a word count tool in the bottom right corner. If the abstract is longer than 400 words, the form will not allow you to submit it.
  • Do not forget to check "I have read and accepted the general conditions of use” box before submitting the form.
  • After submission a confirmation email will be sent automatically to the address you have provided.
Deadline for submission of abstracts is December 1, 2018.