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Gobierno de Navarra

Workshop 4: Training teachers to teach oral Basque


Ibon Manterola (UPV/EHU)


Teachers’ training is crucial for language communities whose minoritised language is being revitalised. In the case of Basque, the preparation for teaching the oral language is particularly important, because students’ oral competence is one of the key factors to increase the usage of language among new speakers of Basque, who abound among young people.

Furthermore, in the training of language teachers in minoritized language communities, two factors should be taken into account: on the one hand, in the educational systems of these communities, the multilingual sociolinguistic context has considerable impact on all the teaching-learning components, and, on the other hand, the teaching of the minoritised language, including the oral language, does not only correspond to language teachers, but to teachers of all areas.

As regards the didactics and linguistics of the Basque language, the need to train teachers capable of teaching spoken Basque requires research on various topics. Specifically, this workshop aims to gather works which analyse the following issues, among others: the study of Basque oral textual genres, the analysis of textbooks and other didactic resources, the analysis of the testing of didactic units and other resources for the teaching of oral textual genres, the development of spoken Basque in students, the teaching activity and classroom interactions and, of course, the analysis of teacher training itself

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