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Gobierno de Navarra

Fontes Linguae Vasconum

Paper treasures

Half a century has passed since the Regional Council of Navarre published the first number of Fontes Linguae Vasconum: studia et documenta journal, which has become a tool of reference for Basque linguistics.

As for its content, apart from research papers, the journal stands out for its effort to compile old Basque texts, their analyses and editions. In this way many texts dispersed in different archives and collections have been made accessible for researchers.

Old texts are thus the point of departure in philological research, its fontes or sources, the necessary instruments to discover the past of a language. However, not all documents are equally valuable for that purpose.

In this exposition, apart from a section about the history of the journal, visitors can find a selection of original old documents, preserved mainly in Navarre, and understand for which reason they are especially important for Basque philology.


Open from 15 February to 31 March, from Monday to Sunday
Location: Archivo Real y General de Navarra​
Admission free​
Exhibition catalogue: BasqueSpanishEnglishFrench

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The conference held in Pamplona, last 6-7 March. The videos include the opening and closing ceremonies, as well as the plenary talks.

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Opening of the exhibition 'Fontes Linguae Vasconum. Paper treasures'

From 12:00 h on the exhibition Fontes Linguae Vasconum. Paper treasures will be open for everybody until 31 March.


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Registration open for FLV, 50 years: New methods and trends in (Basque) linguistics.

The registration is now open for FLV, 50 years. New methods and trends in (Basque) linguistics.

The deadline for registration is 8 February for participants with a paper and 22 February for those without a paper.

To register, fill in the form here.

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